Micro- Nanoimage Award
Best Micro- Nanoimage Award


For the first time the International Conference "Micro&Nano 2010" intends to hold a competition for the best micro- nano-image. You are welcome to submit microscopy images of any kind (Optical, Electron, Scanning probe, etc.) obtained in the course of your research.

The images will be considered on the basis of aesthetic and scientific criteria. The images will be presented during the conference dinner. The winning image will be selected through a democratic voting procedure.

Terms and Conditions

  • All contributed images will be projected during the Conference dinner and winning images will be voted by the conference participants.
  • The submitted image constitutes a part of the contributor's personal research.
  • Permission is granted to the "Micro&Nano 2010" conference for projecting the images.
  • Contributors must be registered conference attendees.
  • Multiple contributions are allowed.
  • Contributions should be uploaded via the conference website. Please fill in the PowerPoint template available on the web.
  • All subjects and imaging techniques are qualified.
  • False-color imaging or any alteration of the image quantitative information is not allowed.
  • The image scale must be indicated.
  • Contribution deadline is the 8th December 2010 10th December 2010.


Submission will be done through the following process:

  1. Download the PowerPoint template file here.
  2. Place your micro- nano-image in the PowerPoint template. Your details should also be filled.
  3. In case of multiple entries please add in the same file more slides (following the 2nd slide template) with all of your images.
  4. Comments may be added on the notes section of the .ppt file.
  5. Name your file as Institute-Last Name.ppt (example: IMEL-Lastnameson.ppt)".
  6. Submit your file in this form:

    Please specify a file:
    I agree with the competition terms.


The image below is an example of a filled form.

Example of a micro- nanoimage entry.